We have structured our youth to be a full and active part of our church family as they learn to study and understand the Bible and grow in their faith. We emphasize the importance of being a part of the church family as a whole and preparing for the front-line of the Christian battle.

Contact Walter Overman at for more information.

Youth schedule is below:

Sunday School each week 9:30-10:15 AM.

January 26th - 4-6 PM at Church (Pittman)

February 9th - 4-6 PM at Church (Kepler)

February  15th - Winterjam! Meet at church at 4. You will need $15 for admission and extra money for food. We will contact parents as we leave the Greensboro colosseum on the return home. Generally it's a later evening. Scholarships available upon request.

February 23rd  - 4-6 PM at Church (Dellinger)

March 8th - 4-6 PM at Church (Butcher)

March 22nd - Car Races 3-6 PM. Meet at church and will return to church by 6. (Pittman)

April 5th - 4-6 PM at Church Mission Project (Dellinger)

April 19th - 4-6 PM at Church (Butcher)

May 3rd - Annual Birthday Bash 3-6 PM at the Kepler's. (Kepler)

May 17th - 4-6 PM at church (Pittman)

June 7th - End of School Swim Party at the Butchers. 2-6 PM. Meet at the church and return to church. Bring/wear bathing suit and towel.  (Butcher)

June 22nd-25th - Mission Trip to Kentucky
See Pastor Walter or Pastor Brad for more information.