What to Expect

Visiting a church for the first time can be intimidating. First-time visitors often wonder: what should I wear? How will I be received? Where should I go? This page will try to answer questions you may have regarding your visit here.

As you plan your visit to Main Street, know that you will be loved and treated with respect. Also, you should feel comfortable wearing anything. If you like to wear a coat and tie, that’s fine. If you like to dress casually, that’s fine too. In fact, the overwhelming majority of people at Main Street dress casually on Sunday morning. Jesus accepted people as they were, we aim to do the same 

When you arrive at our facility, you should know that our parking lot is located behind the facility (when facing the facility from Main Street). From the parking lot, you’ll want to follow the signs that direct you toward the sanctuary. If you should need help, there should be a smiling face willing to help just inside the entrance to the sanctuary. If you can’t find a parking spot on Sunday morning in the church parking lot, there are plenty of parking spaces available on Main Street on Sunday mornings, and entrance to our worship facility is also available from Main Street.